3. Imaginary 3: The great decoupling

Imagining sustainable futures for Europe

A co-creation project of the European Environment Agency (EEA) and its country network Eionet

Achieving a sustainable Europe will require far-reaching societal change, engaging all areas of the economy and society. Faced with this complex governance challenge, Europe’s governments and societies are increasingly looking to foresight approaches to explore possible futures and what they mean for policy and action today. In this context, the EEA and its country network Eionet have developed a set of imaginaries offering engaging, plausible and contrasting images of what a sustainable Europe could look like in 2050. By helping open up thinking about how the future could develop, the imaginaries represent valuable tools for forward-looking analysis and assessments.

The ‘Scenarios for a sustainable Europe in 2050’ project

Explore the four imaginaries:

  1. Imaginary 1: Technocracy for the common good
  2. Imaginary 2: Unity in adversity
  3. Imaginary 3: The great decoupling
  4. Imaginary 4: Ecotopia

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