Summary report Meeting of the MED 2050 Foresight Group 7/8 July 2021


1- How to use the platform

2- Presentation and discussions on fact sheets (FS)

2.1. FS 28: The place of young people in society and relations between generations. Young people

employment and care for the elderly

2.2. FS 25: The prospects of tourism (and tourism mobility) and their impacts on the environment and

coastal or regional economies

2.3 FS 4: The place of the Mediterranean in European policies and the Green Deal

2.4. FS 15: Exploitation and ownership of Mediterranean marine resources (gas exploitation, deep

mineral resources, renewable energy, etc.). The consequences of offshore expansion.

2.5. FS 14: Transformations of Mediterranean ecosystems and marine biodiversity – the evolution of

pressures and protections

2.6. FS 35: Environmental integration in public policies (North and South)

2.7. FS 34: The evolution of environmental awareness, the role of the media, training

2.8. FS 32: Prevention of major risks (climate, health, etc.) and crisis situations: between anticipation,

public action and collective resilience

3- General comments

4- Progress of the fact sheets

5- Work plan for the continuation of MED 2050

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