MED 2050: Foresight group meeting on scenario building

On 12 July, the MED 2050 foresight group met in Marseille to discuss and validate scenario outlines for the Mediterranean in 2050.

The MED 2050 foresight group met on 12 July 2022 at the Plan Bleu offices in Marseille.

This meeting, which was the culmination of Module 3 on the design of scenarios for the Mediterranean in 2050, aimed to discuss and validate the structure of the MED 2050 macro-scenarios.

Twenty participants attended this 13th edition of the group meeting, which was held in person for the first time since the launch of the project in 2019.

This meeting follows a first working session that took place in Montpellier from 30 May to 1 June, in partnership with CIHEAM. This first small group workshop resulted in 11 original scenarios using two different methodologies, which were then reduced to 6 contrasting scenarios by merging similar scenarios.